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Marine Ecology, Economics and Policy

Training the next generation of quantitative marine resource scientists to manage and conserve marine ecosystems in the 21st century

James Sanchirico

Contact Information

Department of Environmental Science & Policy
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA  95616

Phone: (530) 754-9883
Fax: (530) 752-3350
Office: 2140 Wickson Hall

Affiliated Organizations

Department of Environmental Science & Policy (ESP)
University Fellow, Resources for the Future
Research Affiliate, Motu Economic and Public Policy Institute

Research Interests

Areas of interest include natural resource economics, ecology, spatial and dynamic bioeconomic modeling, and policy analysis. Recent projects analyze the economic, ecological and socioeconomic impacts of marine reserves, the control strategies for invasive alien species, the plans for rebuilding marine populations, the provision of ecosystem services, and the performance of incentive-based policy instruments in ocean systems.

Selected Relevant Publications

Sanchirico, J.N. 2003. Managing Marine Capture Fisheries with Incentive Based Price Instruments, Public Finance Management, 3(1): 67-93.

Sanchirico, J.N. and S. Hanna. 2004. Navigating U.S. Fishery Policy Into the 21st Century, Marine Resource Economics, 19(3): 395-406.

Sanchirico, J.N. 2005. A Social Scientist's Perspective on the Census of Marine Life. Marine Policy 29(6): 507-520.

Sanchirico, J.N., D. Holland, K. Quigley, and M. Fina. 2006. Catch-quota Balancing in Multispecies Individual Fishing Quotas. Marine Policy 30(6): 767-785.

Sanchirico, J.N., Maldavkar, U., A. Hastings, and J. Wilen. 2006. When are no-take zones an economically optimal fishery management strategy? Ecological Applications, 16(5): 1643-1659.

Newell, R., Papps, K., and J.N. Sanchirico. 2007. Asset Pricing in Created Markets for Fishing Quota. American Journal of Agricultural Economics. 89(2): 259-272.

Mumby P.J., Broad, K., Brumbaugh, D.R., Dahlgren, C.P., Harborne, A.R., Hastings, A., Holmes, K.E., Kappel, C.V., Micheli, F., and Sanchirico, J.N. In press. Coral reef habitats as surrogates of species, ecological functions and ecosystem services. Conservation Biology.

Sanchirico, J.N. and J. Wilen. In press. Sustainable use of Renewable Resources: Implications of Spatial-Dynamic Ecological and Economic Processes. International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics.

Eagle, J. and J.N. Sanchirico. In press. Ocean Zoning and Spatial Access Privileges: Rewriting the Tragedy of the Regulated Ocean. New York University Law Review. Forthcoming, Nov. 2008.


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