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Marine Ecology, Economics and Policy

Training the next generation of quantitative marine resource scientists to manage and conserve marine ecosystems in the 21st century

Louis Botsford

Contact Information

Department of Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology
University of California, Davis
One Shields Avenue
Davis, CA  95616

Phone: (530) 752-6169
Office: 1041 Academic Surge

Affiliated Organizations

Department of Wildlife, Fish, & Conservation Biology (WFCB)
Center for Population Biology
Graduate Group in Ecology (GGE)

Research Interests

Lou Botsford's basic research interests are the population dynamics of age, size and spatially structured marine populations. Questions are usually posed in the context of application to fisheries and ecosystem management through MPAs and conventional means.

Closely related is his interest in the physical forces underlying larval transport in local marine populations, and their population consequences. Another area of interest is the interaction between upwelling winds and the productivity that supplies coastal ecosystem in the California current.

Relevant Publications

Hastings, A. and L.W. Botsford. 2006. Persistence of spatial populations depends on returning home. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S. 103: 6067-6072.

O'Farrell, M. R. and L. W. Botsford. 2006. Estimating the status of nearshore rockfish (Sebastes spp.) with length frequency data. Ecological Applications 16: 977-986.

Diehl, J.M., R.J. Toonen, and L.W. Botsford. 2007. Variabilty in the spatial pattern of recruitment of the sand crab, Emerita analoga, throughout California in relation to wind-driven currents. Marine Ecology Progress Series 350: 1-17.


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